Phase 1 2 3
Phase 1 will be focused on getting "sign-ups" to reach the critical mass. This phase will prove to the funding parties including advertisers, philanthropists, corporate entities, and others to get involved. Phase 1 will allow Phase 2 to start.
Phase 2 will start the development process of the Real Social Networking site. Funding will be available at this time, and site development will begin. In addition to the actual site, the foundation will begin laying out specifics about their operation and goals. Project Change the World will be underway!
Phase 3 is for the deployment of all activities. This is when the Project becomes a reality. The Social Network becomes available to the users to setup their pages and get ready for Judgment day. The Foundation is ready to distribute all donations. Finally the "Project" becomes a "Reality." Then Judgment Day.

Judgment Day is the date when the Social network becomes live to the public. Everyone who signed up previously will have access to the site first. On that day, everyone will be allowed to use all features and get involved.