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Will this site be better than the one I'm using now?

Yes. The reason it will be better, is because we aren't focused on profits. We are focused on providing a user experience. We will always be getting input that will help improve the site...and the thing is, that we can actually do it. If we had to answer to a board of directors, and share holders then we would have a set of guidelines that provide the best profitability before we can do anything. We are able to do whatever we want and that will benefit all of our users. Did another site recently change something that you didn't want? Those changes are focused on profits, putting ads in places that block what you are on the site for in the first place. Did you know that on a popular social media site, if you Like a page you will no longer get updates from them. They stopped doing this unless the company pays to send out information. So you signed up and liked that page, yet it's blocked until the company pays to let you see it. On the new site, if you don't like something? Tell us!

What can I do?

First, sign up. Get on board and show the people who will fund the phases of development that we have a large user base that is ready to go. If you are interested in donating money we have a paypal site setup for smaller donations here For larger donations please contact someone in our phase 1 team. For advertising inquiries please click on the Advertisers section at the top of the site.

What if I don't like to donate?

Remember, you should not donate your own money. All that you will do is switch the site you're using when our site goes live. If you want to switch back and forth that is fine, but one day you won't need your other sites that are filled with ads and forced content. If you want to make money off the switch then we can help you with that also. You could sell a stock "short" that you think might go down substantially on the day the new site goes live. We can't suggest any particular stocks or tell you about investing, but if you end up make money, how about dontating some of it to charity!

How will you pay for the site?

The "project" has a few phases. There are 3 websites and 3 entities that will emerge. The first is this website, Project Change the World. The second is the Foundation website which will be available soon. The final site will be the Social Network, the Real Social Media based network site. This website is an information based site used to get the user signups and funding. The more signups by users, the more advertisers and funding we can get for the initial launch. The foundation site will be the result of the switch from your current social network to the new one. The last, once again, is the social networking website which will go live on Judgment Day, 2013.

What is Judgment day and why?

The reason for a launch date is because we want one day for everyone to switch and change the world. The date will come when the advertisers fund the site building process. Remember, no users no advertisers, so sign up and tell 50 people today! On that day the social networking site will be live. We will allow access to the site before we ask you to "switch" over, but we won't have a live site until that day. For now, we just need you to sign up here

Do you really think you can change the world?

We are not trying to change the world, we are going to give people a platform to change the world. And yes, I know it's possible to change the world. There is too much money being made and given to the wrong people. Everyone who signs up will be changing the world. Once the site goes live and Judgment day comes, you will see real changes. What would you do with BILLIONS of dollars? I assure you that a lot of worldwide charities and their beneficiaries will be forever grateful for everything. You really will be changing the world, and it's just so simple. Sign up now!


Participation can go a long way. The more you participate the more "say" you get in the way the site works, where the money goes, what security features and new features get addressed and added. Everyone will have the chance to vote, but the better the ranking of the person the more important their voice is. We will encourage everyone to participate and build their Rep.