Donations & CHARITY

Where is all of the money going?

The money will go to people, places, or things in need. The foundation will use a pie chart based system. The system operates on a percentage based funding process. The pie chart will be influenced by users of the Social Network, and we will offer ways to interact with the giving procedure. For example, one part of the pie will go to microgiving. This will be reserved for people who setup a page on the site, and based on the amount of people who "join" the page will determine if the funding amount will be given. One example is a sports team who needs new uniforms in Kiev, Ukraine or London, England, or New York City, US and if they get a lot of people signing up for their project they could have it be funded with that allocation of the pie chart. This will allow participation by the users of the Social Network and see real dollars going to people they know! The director of the foundation will approve all projects and we will verify the money goes to charities and organizations in need. We will provide visibility for all projects. We are going to change the world. You wanted to get rid of the 1% and starting letting the 99% have a voice, well here is your chance.


We can accept two types of donations. If you donate money to the Foundation, you may be able to apply for a tax write off and you will be donating to the much needed funding of the entity that distributes the money to charities. We encourage this type of donation first and foremost. The
foundation cannot operate in the initial phases until the "site" makes money. All profits from the site will be donated to the foundation, but until the site is live and making money, the foundation needs help the same way any other non-profit foundation does. We encourage your philanthropy.


The Social Media site can accept donations, but they will not be a write off on your taxes. So why give to the site? We will need some seed capital that will help us get going. Once advertisers sign up we really encourage foundation donations. If you want to help the site get going then please go here Every little bit helps.

If we took money from investors or Venture Capitalists we will be defeating our purpose. The point of this is to change the world, not pay back the rich few who wanted to make money off this. The Advertisers will be the main source of funding. The way we will get advertisers is to get sign ups and show them we all want to do something great. So get out there and tell a friend to tell a friend. It only takes a second to sign up, and will be important to prove ourselves.


If you want to get involved please email us your resume and a cover letter explaining why you want to change the world. We would need to know what type of person you are, and what you want out of life. Everyone involved in the company will need to have the same vision, and that vision is simple. To change the world and do the right thing. If you are excited and qualified we want your help, and you can apply here