Phase 1 2 3
All parties interested in advertising will be allowed when the site goes live and starts operating. We are using Phase 1 and 2 to sell future advertising packages. The benefit for the Advertiser is the ability to get more for their money by signing up early. Phase 1 is for Advertisers to get the best future deal. We ask for a commitment in Phase 1 only, and no payment. We will only ask for payment when we hit Phase 2.
Advertisers who signed up in Phase 1 will have signed up for a future advertising package that will be pre-paid in the amount of 50% of the pledged package. This will provide the key funding to get to Phase 3 and go live. With 50% payment we will begin building the site in preparation to go live and provide the purchased advertising space.
This phase is the shortest phase providing the transition to going live. Advertisers will be asked to provide the additional 50% of their advertising package and the site goes live. This advertising will be known as the money used to get the site started and users of the Real Social Network will know how important it was for your participation.